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Encore! Professional Event Planning is pleased to bring you this exclusive event on love, relationship and marriage! Designed to show singles, couples and spouses how their relationship is designed in God's eyes and also enlighten the single representative on their purpose and God's plan during their faith walk waiting on true love.  


The Love, Relationship & Marriage Seminar 2014 will help couples and singles understand the purpose of being single, dating, and also marriage while providing practical insights to help with everyday issues such as waiting on who God has designed for you, dating/courtship, finances, conflict and much more. God-centered relationships and marriages also mean closer relationships with God, happier and more meaningful purpose, healthier families, more effective churches and stronger communities, so don’t wait.


Register for the Love, Relationship and Marriage Seminar 2014 today! Seats are limited.

This seminar will feature guest speakers and special guests such as Rev. Dr. Veronica R. Coleman, Elder Dr. Angela Corprew-Boyd, Rev. Denise Watson-Smith, Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Murphy, Rev. Michael Johnson, Sr.,  Mr. William Darryl Scott, Jr., Mr. Cory L. James, Minister Earl Bynum, Praise and Worship Leader Damon "DJ" Parker and The PM Band.


Please give us a call at, 855.308.3537 for more information.  Vendors are also invited to contact us for booth information. Please email


Thank you for your support and we will see you at the seminar! You don't want to miss this!!!


Event Date: Saturday, February 8, 2014, 8:30am-5pm; 7:30am Doors open

Location: New Hope Baptist Church - E. Ray Cox Convocation Center

Address: 395 Old Great Neck Road, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454

Registration Fee: $35 in advance online; $40 at the door

*Registration Fees are non-refundable* 










This event will host a panel discussion facilitated by our special guests and also a Venus vs. Mars Rap Session.  Vendors will be on site with products for sale and there will be several raffles throughout the seminar! 

Encore! Professional Event Planning





Love, Relationship & Marriage

Seminar 2014



  • The man's role as the head in marriage and also their role in and purpose of courtship.

  • Hot topic: For the married couples on the purpose of the marriage bed and Gods design for marriage relations even for the saved and sanctified.

  • Setting goals for investment and financial stability in marriage.

  • The importance of financial stability going into marriage and how bringing financial baggage on board can complicate the relationship. 

  • Being single, yet, saved and the obstacles that our generation faces with this in seeking/being in a relationship and how to overcome them.

  • Breaking down the purpose of true courtship/dating for those in relationships, as well as for singles desiring a relationship.

  • Learning how to be submissive, yet, remaining the strong, successful, phenomenal, and fabulous women we are in today’s society.

  • “One size does not fit all”. God created all of us as unique individuals and we need to learn to love the person He created us as, to become accepted by the one he made us for.  

  • Relationship Psychology 101

  • Overcoming conflict resolution in relationships.

  • The Five Love Languages.

  • The faith walk, waiting for God to bless you with a mate. 

  • The challenges of a new union and how to set goals to overcome them and tips for a healthy and blessed new marriage for years to come.

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