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2021 Encore! Awards Flyer (2).png

This showcase is to award individuals and organizations for their success and achievements. It is also an opportunity to exhibit local businesses, churches, entertainment professionals and venues for the purpose of advertisement and showcasing them to the community.


A portion of proceeds will be awarded to a local charitable organization, each year. This year, we have chosen the Encore! Foundation, Inc. This organizations and their cause will be spotlighted during the awards show to bring awareness to the cause. We will award a local graduate from one of the seven cities with a scholarship to help cover expenses at a college of their choice. Our goal is to give back to the cities and citizens in need, through the communities we reside in and support community outreach and resource programs


The Hampton Roads community and vicinity has a plethora of talented musicians, song-writers, groups, fraternal organizations, comedians, local businesses, charitable organizations, radio personalities/stations, news casters/stations, churches, pastors, choirs, and universities/colleges, etc., that have given of their time and money to give back to their communities, and have also kept our community on the map. It is our goal to showcase these talented groups and individuals during a night of remembrance, recognition, and also exhibition of what the Hampton Roads area has to offer. This is also an opportunity for neighboring cities of the 757 to come together and represent their city.


This event will be held on an annual basis to continue to unite the pride of each city and recognize those in the community with achievement awards given out by winning a popular ballot through nominations and voting. Each year will bring forth new nominees, recipients of awards, and also a moment for selected city officials to come forth and speak on behalf of their city. Special guests will also be in attendance to present various awards.  The idea is to keep the majority of the performances throughout the show from the local arena of artists. It is also a major goal to bridge gaps across cultures, races, creeds, nationalities, and religions with an effort to come together for a positive cause - unity.


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