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 ~ Our Promise to You ~ 


At Encore! Professional Event Planning, we believe in providing the best services available for all of your event planning needs.  We specialize in an array of services to help make your event a success.  We are located in Virginia Beach, Virginia; however, planning events outside of this vicinity is no task for us. 


Encore! Professional Event Planning works with you to provide the solutions you need at a price you can afford.  No event is too big or too small.  We partner with you to make your visions for your event become reality.  Serving you effectively is our top priority.  Created to fill a specific need, Encore! Professional Event Planning helps to make your job and life as the host/hostess of your event easier, without the headaches. We saw the need, and we addressed it with a comprehensive range of services.


Encore! is a name you can trust for all of your event planning needs.  Give yourself a standing ovation, your guests sure will! 


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